Friday, July 1, 2011

Shadows for a Face (cont)

My ongoing series, I seek to capture individuals lost inside their own minds yet still found amongst the public. At times, there are defining moments where people find it necessary to detach themselves from the environment and mentally collapse into themselves.

Each individual's abstraction is unique, yet they still share various commonalities. No words needs to be spoken or tales to be told, yet their body language speaks volumes about heir emotional state. In these moments, the general public remains spectators; turning a blind eye, and continuing about their daily lives. I strive to call attention to and battle this human but conditioned behavior. I hope to allow completely unassociated individuals to extend a helping hand to their brothers and sister in need.

This is not a series only showcasing the sad or disheartened. Simply put, reality isn't always so brutal. Each time the sun shines people contemplate the infinite possibilites the day can offer. I expose individuals lost in creating art, skimming through and interesting read, and spending time with their loved one. My hope is to show that the day-to-day commonalities are not so mundane after all.

Coffee and Bikes. Seattle, WA, 2010

Girly Merchant. Sao Paolo, Brazil, 2010

Friday February. Seattle, Wa, 2011

Anyone Home? Seattle, WA, 2010

John Ramsay. Seattle, WA, 2010

Clown Dunking. Brooklyn, NY, 2009

Transit Runway. Seattle, Wa, 2011

Fur and Rust. Vina del Mar, Chile, 2011

Left Out. Seattle, WA, 2011

520 Bridge. Seattle, WA, 2010

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