Saturday, February 4, 2012

Chile's Working Class

Tour Guide, Chloé, Chile—2011

Art and Crafts Vendor, Puerto Montt, Chile—2011

Payaso, Valparaiso, Chile—2011

Scoutmaster, Puerto Montt, Chile—2011

Shell Man, Concepción, Chile—2011

Mariachi, Chloé, Chile—2011

Carpenter, Puerto Montt, Chile—2011

Jeweler, Concepción, Chile—2011

Ferry Man, Puerto Montt, Chile—2011

Skinning Corn, Concepción, Chile—2011

Churros, Viña del Mar, Chile—2011

Marking Out Territory, Punta Arenas—2011

Fisherman and Congrio, Viña del Mar—2011

Cleaning the Brush, Chloé, Chile—2011

Bike Mechanic, Chloé, Chile—2011

Pinatador, Viña del Mar, Chile—2011

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