Sunday, January 13, 2013

Snow Day Seattle

Seattle gathered on January 12th, for "Snow Day" to break the Guinness World Record-breaking  snowball fight at the Seattle Center. The sold-out event distributed over 6,000 tickets. More than 160,000 lbs of snow, was trucked from the nearby-by mountains.

Kalini prepares for war.

Gathering around the registration tables.

Men gather snow in preparation.

Snowballs quickly transformed into ice.

The boy in the deer hat seeks revenge after sprinting across the middle.

Running for cover.

The stock-pile of weapons of mass destruction

The fort is ready for battle.

The Space Needle.

Near main stage.

Near the center fort, a man steals the Subaru flag, and runs for safety. Followed by cheers from the crowd, they still showed no mercy.

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