Saturday, November 22, 2014

Mysore and Bangalore, India Part 4

Parking Valet

Portrait of an elderly man outside Mysore

Vendors decorate their horses to entice tourists

Ranganathaswamy Temple 
Group portrait at Ranganathaswamy Temple

Details of a bench at Ranganathaswamy Temple 
Mysore Palace

An elderly woman ponders about her next meal 
A rickshaw driver reads the newspaper while driving through a busy intersection
Temple Statue #1

Temple Statue #2

A temple monk reading the newspaper

A temple monk offering a prayer

A statue holding a yellow flower

Statue burning an oil based flame


Cows are sacred in India and are allowed to do as they please

Two bulls practice their skills

A Rottweiler cools off from the hot sun

A mother hold her child's hand closely

A pair of commercial drivers get stuck in the mud through a narrow road way. The rickshaw drivers are quick to maneuver around them. 

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