Monday, March 28, 2011

West Seattle Bike Polo — Seattle, WA 2011

Since living in Seattle for a little over a year, I've grown quite fond/obsessed for Bike Polo. At first a newbie might find the aggressiveness and handling skills of a seasoned polo player to be a bit intimidating. However, if you can look past the "ghetto bikes" and brash exteriors you'll find a very accepting and carefree group of individuals, calling themselves the West Bike Polo Club. A mixed band of misfits, who are out to cruise and crush the streets of West Seattle.

Akina and Koyo battle for possession.

Fighting for possession

 Chris taking a quick breather
 The Garage.

Liza displaying quality ball control.

Because of the intensity and aggressiveness, bikes break every so often. This forces players to carry repair kits, extra parts, or MacGyver whatever tools necessary to get back on the court.

Matt mixes a set of polo mallets to determine who'll play the next
3 vs 3 match. Each player manufactures their own unique polo mallet. This is  typically made out of a cut ski pole, then attached to colored piece of PVC plastic at the bottom, and finally a wrapped grip at the top.

 Mustachio de Goofy

 Mustachio de Hunter

 Matt reaching out.

Apples and his buddy:
"Fuck War and Play Polo"

Monday, March 7, 2011

Phoenix Jones, 2011, Seattle, WA

Phoenix is the leader of a ten member team of superheroes call the Rain City Superhero Movement. Their bases of operation are located in Seattle and Lynnwood, Washington. Under the cover of night, he enters his hideout in an unnamed comic book store, where he suits up to fight crime.

 The Donny Darko Bunny