Saturday, November 22, 2014

Mysore and Bangalore, India Part 4

Parking Valet

Portrait of an elderly man outside Mysore

Vendors decorate their horses to entice tourists

Ranganathaswamy Temple 
Group portrait at Ranganathaswamy Temple

Details of a bench at Ranganathaswamy Temple 
Mysore Palace

An elderly woman ponders about her next meal 
A rickshaw driver reads the newspaper while driving through a busy intersection
Temple Statue #1

Temple Statue #2

A temple monk reading the newspaper

A temple monk offering a prayer

A statue holding a yellow flower

Statue burning an oil based flame


Cows are sacred in India and are allowed to do as they please

Two bulls practice their skills

A Rottweiler cools off from the hot sun

A mother hold her child's hand closely

A pair of commercial drivers get stuck in the mud through a narrow road way. The rickshaw drivers are quick to maneuver around them. 

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Bangalore, India Part 3

A typing workstation
The local fish market

A family preparing coconuts
The family of a butcher have a good laugh while cleaning the remains of a goat
The goat remains

The butcher making looking to make sale 

A goat
Men are stationed along the train tracks to keep rocks and debris free from the rails
A young man caring for his goats
A street food vendor preparing his next set of meals
An artisan prepares to build a new shrine
A portrait of a young boy after a game of cricket
Alley cat
A man starting to fashion a pair of slacks
A balancing act
A boy dreaming into the food selection

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Bangalore, India Part 2

Ganesha statue in front of Bangalore Palace
Shiva wall art
A prayer service inside Bull Temple
Visitors and prayer at Bull Temple
A painter taking a break at Bull Temple
A motorcyclist allows a stay dog to hitch a ride
At Tippu Sultan's Summer Palace, a man meditates where he once held court
A man reads his morning newspaper
A young man selling his drums

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Bangalore, India Part 1

A photo of Ganesha lays broken a the foot of a tree

Children at play while their elders work on construction

A cabby sleeping

Ironing his clothing while enjoying the outdoors

A group of workers found shoveling gravel for a construction project

Construction materials
Construction worker

Group shot of the first floor of construction

Sleeping cabby #2

Food display
BLR Portrait #1