Wednesday, July 5, 2017

July 4th Fire and Fireworks — Seattle, WA

The Seattle Fire Department responds to a house fire in Magnolia on 24th Ave W and W Halladay St at 9:45pm. The rumored cause was a nearby flare gun shot off by children, which landed in the bushes of the front yard.
Smoke continuously engulfs the entire block as fire fighters battle the fire.
A pedestrian grabs a piggy back ride across the street. 
The fire fighters utilize a Class A foam to aids fire suppression and can prevent reignition.

A tapped fire hydrant.

Fire fighters rearranging their equipment.

Responders make sure each and every inch is properly soaked to prevent any further damage to the home. 

Personal fireworks being lit at Ella Bailey Park in Magnolia.

Two unknown males prep their illegal fireworks display.