Monday, April 25, 2011

Keith J. Haubrich, 2011, Seattle, WA

Keith, AKA Gandhi Jones, Jean-Pierre Beaujolais, Herr SchwanzKopf, and Flesh Muppet is a multiple-time Freestyle Moustache World Champion and a Renaissance Man in training. Outside his dynamic stache' he also DJs, models, drums, raises cats, plays chess, writes and performs poetry, rocks costumes and outfits, and hosts avant-garde vegetarian potluck parties on his rooftop deck in Seattle, WA.

At the time, I was walking out the corner store and my eyes catch someone sitting outside rocking a propelling beanie! I instantly recalled this strip of Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson...

When I met Kieth, he was selling various wares and goods on the sidewalk near Ghost Gallery on Capitol Hill.

Check out this gnarly video of the 2007 World Beard Moustache Championships, and get this.. he actually WON the freestyle category! Tip of the hat to you sir.