Monday, July 15, 2013

Trayvon Martin Rally at the Westlake Center — Seattle, WA, 2013

Hundred of people gathered at the Westlake Center in downtown Seattle in protest to the recent verdict for the George Zimmerman trail. He was accused of killing Trayvon Martin, an unarmed black teenager, and was acquitted on all charges.

People gather at Westlake Park for the Trayvon Rally.

We Say No More.

A man speaks about a "Divided America".

A mother clinging to her children.

"We've had enough of this racist America!"

A female protester speaking about Martin Luther King.

Free Marisa Alexander

Max Roth holds a sign on top of the stage

V for Vendetta

Justice is...


Spectators listen as the speakers vent their community's frustration

A young girl spends some time drawing on the Westlake steps

Protesters get into an argument with J. Boswell about the true meaning of the Trayvon Martin protest.

A protest dressed in all black attempts to diffuse the situation.

J. Boswell, saluted the crowd chanting "SEIG HEIL!"
He believed the gathering was promoting black supremacy.

Not everyone shared his opinion.

The march starts through downtown Seattle.

Seattle Vision.

  Seattle tourists getting their money's worth.
Restaurant patrons watching the march.

Oscar Eason Jr., the President of Alaska, Oregon, and Washington NAACP chanting in the streets for Trayvon Martin.

A speaker at the Federal Court house.

A Seattle protester, reports about the L.A. Police Department, causing physical harm to the Californian protesters.

Oscar Eason Jr., speaks to the people at the Seattle Federal Courthouse.

"There will be charges filed!"

Abdhul Kebbeh, shows his sign to Max Rose in front of the court house.

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Monday, July 1, 2013

Miko Kuro's Midnight Tea at the Taoist Studies Institute — Seattle, WA, 2013

Miko Kuro's Midnight Tea fosters dynamic cross-cultural collaborations, and genuine encounters with artistic "Self, " and is one of several projects create by poet and community arts organizer, Natasha Marin.

These events strive to bring high-quality art experience to the lives of artists, non-traditional art consumers, and members of underserved communities alike, in a manner that is both revert and expimental. 

"I began this project in 2008 in my hometown, Vancouver (Canada) not knowing what to expect...and each time I do it, I begin to understand a little bit more of what it's really about. It's about people, it's about poetry, it's about coming together in the space of the unknown to make something of aesthic value that is a true testimony to the potential of our own humanity." — Natasha Marin 
Chinese swords resting on a rack
A 12 string koto played by Chigusa Kitai
Preparing a candle
Tea essentials prepared by Jessica Campbell
Jessica's Hair Clip
I'm Here to Guide You
Reciting poetry
Shadow Head Dress
Preparing the Ink
Listen To Me Well
A Blind Smell
A Blind Touch
Waiting to be escorted
Observing the Flavor
Shoko Zama's Shadow
Shoko Zama's Elegance

Wooden Shoes
Mediating Together
Light Gazer
A Dancer's Heart String
A Siren Smile
Videography by Zac Bushcmohle

Exploring Taste
Community Ghost Flag
A Braided Observer

Jonathan Fischer records the names of the Red Lineage
Umbrella Poetry